Davit Crane 1000 lbs 8.5 ft.
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Key features

  • 3 Year Warranty, Service and Parts Available in Stock in USA and Latin America
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Davit Crane 1000 lbs 8.5 ft.

Prowinch Davit Cranes

All of our Davit Cranes are created with the goal of offering the best price–performance ratio. Key components such as lifespan factors are constantly tested and improved in order to offer the best product for the price.

Key Components

All internal components have been upgraded to meet the highest quality standards. Final assembly and all tests are performed in the US before shipping to ensure that every unit meets the corresponding standard.

Duty Classification

Duty classification is a key factor when choosing the right unit. This davit crane comes with an H1 electric wire rope hoist that is suitable for infrequent handling, installing and servicing heavy equipment, and idling for long periods between use. For uniformly distributed work periods, the hoist has a 12.5% max. operational time per hour and can handle up to 75 starts per hour. When being used for infrequent work periods, the hoist can be operated for 15 minutes from a cold start with up to 100 starts per hour. Operational time ratings are calculated at a 65% load factor, as per ASME Standards.

Braking System

The electromagnetic brake system is tested at 125% of the hoist capacity and is designed to automatically engage immediately upon any loss of power.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Load Capacity 1100 lbs / 500 kg
  • Warranty 3 Year

Weight & Dimensions

  • Total Weight (w/out cable or Chain) 9 ft -- Boom: 53 in
  • Total Weight 130 lbs / 59 Kg

Packaging Details

  • NW1 Net Weight 130 lbs / 59 Kg
  • GW1 Gross Weight 46 lbs / 21 Kg
  • PD1 Packaging Length 32 in / 81.28 cm
  • PW1 Packaging Width 52 in / 132.08 cm
  • PH1 Packaging Height 4 in / 10.16 cm