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Optidrive P2 VFD Datasheet 5 HP, 6.5 A, 500~600 V, 3 Ph with Led Keypad
SKU: ODP-2-26050-3H042-SN   UPC: 687700860853 Special request, if requested today expected to be shipped on or before Sun. Jan 23 Request
Input Ratings Supply Voltage 500-600 V Input Phases 3 Supply Current Continuous 6.5 A Supply Fuse or MCB (Type B) 10 A Output Ratings Motor Output Rating 3.7 kW (5 HP) Output Voltage 0 – Supply Voltage Output Current 6.5 A Factory Build Options EMC Filter Internal EMC Brake Transistor Internal Enclosure IP20 Display TFT Display PCB Coating Standard